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You’re asked to make some elementary math formula, the twist here is:The numbers are resisting you with all forces.


Practice ye math facts while helpin' th' band 'o pirates

Scooby-doo mirror match

Hey guys an interesting game is waiting for you.

This Path Will Not…

About one man lost in a strange place.

Myth and Folklore: Battle…

This game is all about fighting against your opponents. Battle against multiple waves of enemies such as melee and…

The Last Path

A little dungeon crawler inspired by Legend of Zelda.

Musketeer Path

Click on the items and use them in the proper spots to continue your Musketeer journey.

Path Of Honor

Try to save the village people from great danger and complete quests to become stronger. To complete your quests…

Path Barrel

Navigate the barrel to the end of each level in this platform puzzle game.

Disappearing Path

Create a path to guide the ball to the flag in each level, but hurry – the path will…

Let’s play with a COOL MATH GAMES